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Unlimited Earning Potential?

Our business platform allows you to generate revenue by profiting from moving box SALES from your site as well as local businesses ADVERTISING on your site. You have unlimited earning potential!

Visit the website for Fayetteville, North Carolina below. It is just one example of websites we own and operate in over 400 cities. Check the city you are interested in to see if its still available. WE ONLY LICENSE ONE WEBSITE PER CITY. Claim your city here.

Featured Website:Fayetteville Moving

We License Only 1 Website Per City

Only ONE moving boxes website will be allowed for each city. It is a first come, first served opportunity. Once you decide that YOU want to run the moving box business for your city, NO other Get Moving Supplies, LLC site will be allowed in your city. You will never compete against another Get Moving Supplies, LLC site in your city. In fact, you can often work together with the licensee in neighboring cities to cross promote and accelerate the development of your site.

Ships todayDo I have to Deliver the Moving Boxes???


No, you do not deliver the boxes. We ship the boxes from our warehouses located throughout the United States straight to your customers. Neither your CUSTOMERS or YOU have to lug moving boxes to your customer's home. We do all the lifting for you!!


Already Have an Existing business....This could be a great complement to your business

If you are a Realtor or Mortgage Broker this is a great opportunity for you to increase sales or offer as a gift to your clients. Or, if you are an owner of a Self Storage Facility or an Apartment Complex this will be an excellent product to offer your customers and tenants while increasing revenue for yourself at the same time! If you are already in these industries, selling moving boxes will be simple. You simply mention that you offer moving boxes to customers and tenants that you see every day, and we will deliver the boxes for you. THAT'S IT!! If you are not in any of the industries mentioned above, that's even better yet! You can partner up with all of these individuals and businesses in your area to help you promote your boxes.






logoBrand Recognition

Because we have a fast growing brand across the United States, visitors to your city will be looking for the Get Moving Supplies, LLC site in your town. As we continue to grow the Get Moving Supplies,LLC brand, you will benefit from the efforts of others across the United States as you develop the site in your city.



Visit our Marketing Section to learn about our Marketing Plan





Our Business Opportunity Benefits:

-No Up-Front Costs
-Unlimited Income Potential
-You will be in our system in 48-72 hours
-100% ownership
-Spare Time, Part Time, Full Time
-Set your own hours
-Personalized email for your Box business
-No Royalty, or franchise fees
-Marketing Outline and Printable Marketing -Material
-No costly overhead
-Be your own boss
-Low Monthly Fee
-No Need for Expensive Office Space
-No Inventory Required
-Strong Low Cost Marketing Plan


Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Section to learn more about our service